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The Art of Masculinity

Feb 9, 2023

On this episode, we talked about:

Knowing the term of being the king
We have to think in ourselves internally
Adaptability is key
When we look at good kings, they are servants to their community
You have to detach from your ego
Using powerful positions to have an easier life instead of servitude
Learn how to access the...

Feb 8, 2023

On this episode, we talked about:

Different types of traumas
Having meaning attached to our minds
Having  the feeling, not the cognitive memory
Being able to wipe off the meaning
Washing away the guilt and shame
Not going back through pain
You don't have to stay in pain
Saying nice things to yourself
How much energy are...

Feb 4, 2023

On this episode, we talked about:

Somebody has the play a part in every role
You have complete control of your life
Having respect for one another
Embracing authenticity within yourself
Everybody can be taught to be a leader
There are different roles and there is nothing wrong with that

"People are passive-aggressive,...