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The Art of Masculinity

Sep 24, 2020

On this episode, we talked about:

Knowing who you are, healing your mind and your body, fighting for myself, holistic measures to heal, acknowledging your alone time, the ability to hear feedback, Independent thinking, moments of joy and happiness, daily commitment for myself and so much more!

"We are born with greatness inside of us and the only way to practice it is to be in a relationship with ourselves"

"At this moment, I might feel anxiety and fear, but it doesn´t mean it´s me, I don´t have to own it"

About George:

George Bryant is a New York Times Best Selling Author, Podcast Host & one of the most highly sought after digital marketing consultants in the world to teach his Relationships Beat Algorithms™ approach to business.

He has helped hundreds of the largest companies in the world and thousands of entrepreneurs ethically scale their businesses by deepening their relationships with their customers... and creating transformational breakthroughs that help them accomplish their goals.

He believes a company's financial success is directly dependent on the amount of value they share before AND after a purchase. Business is about relationships & touchpoints. The companies who put relationships before transactions will win. That is the Relationships Beat Algorithms approach. 

IG: @itsgeorgebryant 


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