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The Art of Masculinity

Oct 22, 2020

On this episode, we talked about:

Becoming part of the community, media and its impact, balance between job and family, planning for the worst scenario, thinking about the future, creating a fictional world by writing, making good impressions as man and so much more!

"Everything you do in being a cop is about being prepared for an emergency"

"Every day you learn something new about yourself and others around you"


About Rick:

Rick Tippins is a former marine, Sheriff, and now author of post-apocalyptic series known as the Jared Chronicles. He has served as a police officer in one of the harshest areas in the United States, at the time, and during some trying times. His evaluation as the man he is through trying times and hardships on his family is nothing short of amazing. With his books, he has now transitioned to a season of his life where he is writing in pure passion and providing an outlet for others to jump into the world he has created and take their own revelations and growth through their reading.

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IG: @ricktippins
The Jared Chronicles: A World Slowed (Book 1)
The Jared Chronicles: Tears of Chaos (Book 2)

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