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The Art of Masculinity

Jan 14, 2021

On this episode, we talked about:

Limiting beliefs, being scared of failure, calculating risks, understanding your own self, speaking out emotions, giving hope to others, empathy and validating your feelings, being where your feet are and so much more!

"It´s cool to see that therapy can impact and influence on other people"

"No one it´s perfect, but I feel that I´m getting closer to perfect every day by being aware of my words"

"You have to listen to the employees and feel what they think, so you can base your decisions on other people, not only yourself"


About RT:

R.T. Custer is an Entrepreneur living in Fort Collins, Colorado. R.T. grew up on a Christmas Tree Farm near Reading, Pennsylvania and attended Penn State University where he studied Industrial Engineering. Besides helping to run the family farm, his first entrepreneurial journey was a franchise of College Works Painting. R.T. started Vortic Watch Company in college and has grown it to a 7 figure company through the help of his team, business partner Tyler, and advisors. Vortic manufactures one of a kind wrist watches using antique American pocket watch mechanisms. Vortic’s tagline is “America Wasn’t Assembled, It was Built” because they make one of the only truly American made wristwatches. R.T. also recently started an advertising agency focused on e-commerce called Conversation Piece Agency. His mission is to be the best in the world when it comes to consumer product marketing.


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