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The Art of Masculinity

Feb 18, 2021

On this episode, we talked about:

Controlling the voice in your head, helping get other people happy, being who you really are, having a higher level of existence, training yourself to show up, elevating my confidence, owning your life and take action, manufacturing gigantic breakthroughs,
living the life you desire and so much more!

"When you find something you really love and you're building it, you don't have a ton of balance, and that's okay"

"You can fail at something you don't even like, so why don't fail at something you absolutely love"

"Associate journaling with pleasure, because there's so much you can get out of it"


About Craig:

Craig Siegel came from Wall St. and then went on not only to create his own business after he realized that he was not chasing his purpose. Throughout Craig’s journey, including the highest of highs to the setbacks and struggles, he developed what the world now knows to be Cultivate Lasting Symphony (CLS). CLS is about cultivating that edge that gets you on absolute fire. Being the creator in your life. Transforming from reactive to proactive. Dwelling in a bubble of serenity even though the world around us might exist in rubble and ruin. 

People began to ask Craig if he did coaching and so he started helping clients manufacture BIG breakthroughs. He’s worked with NLP practitioners, experts and coaches in all different areas. And he created a system in which all of these skills apply. He believes it is the most unique and effective performance-enhancing system on the planet. 

Launching CLS on digital and social media platforms has been Craig’s greatest contribution to the world. With a tweak in your mindset and building upon your heart, there is nothing you can’t accomplish. 

You can follow and support Craig at: 

IG: @craigsiegel_cls



Let's connect over on Instagram: @Johnny.Elsasser