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The Art of Masculinity

Mar 25, 2021

On this episode, we talked about:

Resigning to shame and guilt, breaking the chains of abuse, being in a healthy relationship, setting boundaries in marriage, being real and telling your story, having the power to change, getting better for myself, leaving a different legacy and so much more!

"I'm changing the generations to come from my family and breaking the chains of abuse"

"Once I changed my perception of life, I didn't care what other people think about me"

"If you want to grow, you have to be engaged, open up a little bit and get uncomfortable, not only sit back"


About Erik:

Erik is truly a man of integrity, work ethic and an overcomer. Growing up with a complicated childhood and broken home, to raise himself from the age of 14. Unfortunately finding trouble along the way desperately trying to fill the gaping voids in his life. As a young man, Erik found himself empty and tired of settling for less. After the feverish pursuit of the Holy Spirit, Erik decided to surrender and trust the one that would never let him down. 

Once Erik gave his life to Christ, his life completely turned around. He met a beautiful woman and a new chapter was written.

Now, Erik and his wife of nearly 15 years and their two children live in Northern Idaho and live a humble and blessed life. Together they are breaking the cycles handed down to them of addictions, depression, abuse, and lies. They are leaving a new legacy for their next generation built on a biblical foundation.

Along with being the sole provider for his family, Erik is an entrepreneur and avid MMA fan. Which he has created the best MMA podcast of the northwest. He believes in giving back and honoring those that have served our country. With his companies Top Rated MMA and The Erik Allen Show, he is able to do just that. By lifting others up and giving back to the community and veterans through great organizations like Hire Heroes USA.

Another one of the ways Erik is able to give back is by sharing his story and encouraging others, no matter what path they are on to find hope and purpose. Erik’s natural approachability and heart for people make him a great speaker for different events and podcasts. He knows that sometimes having the opportunity to meet someone and hear their story and how they’ve overcome is the courage someone might need to find new strength in their own battle.

Erik might have been dealt a rough hand, but with the help of his Heavenly Father and a humble heart, Erik is taking each day as it comes and making it count.


You can follow and support Erik at: 


IG: @erikgallen

Podcast: The Erik Allen Show 

Podcast: The Top MMA Podcast


Let's connect over on Instagram: @Johnny.Elsasser