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The Art of Masculinity

Apr 15, 2021

On this episode, we talked about:

The Human body wants to cry, awareness and acceptance, taking quick action, the necessity for control, understanding human design, tunning into your power, the 4 types of human design,
focusing on the logical mind, the archetypal moments of nature,
coding yourself in a new way, navigating negative emotions and so much more!

"True strength is being able to face the parts of us that are hurting, with bravery and courage, to admit it"

"When you're making decisions around your life and relationships, that kind of logic can get in the way of your deeper truth"

"Taking back control and ownership of our lives from the part of our psyche that is trying to do things that are not designed to do"


About Orion:

Orion and his team create the space for high performers to remember their multi-dimensional nature and create a spiritually aligned, multi-dimensional foundation on which they can build their dream Life with ease, flow, & passion. Under the team's watch, they build the confidence to stand boldly in the fire of their Soul Purpose, burn down what isn’t serving them, and create deeper intimacy, impact, and infinite wealth from the ashes.  Through The Phoenix Frequency, Phoenix Formula, and Phoenix Blueprint, their clients reclaim their Power, increase their capacity to have the Life they want and create reality from a Truth that needs no external validation.


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