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The Art of Masculinity

Apr 29, 2021

On this episode, we talked about:

Growing confidence in myself, friendship and acceptance, expressing my true gift, having a mental breakdown and a spiritual awakening, digging into who you are, money doesn't solve all problems, taking money to change your life and so much more!

"I don´t want to sound like a victim because I don´t believe in victimhood but there are stories and you have to know your story"

"I had to look at myself from a different perspective and really do hard work to keep growing"

"Win or lose it doesn't matter: I know who I am because my roots go deeper than any shaky ground"


About Eliot:

Eliot Marshall is a martial artist, business owner, podcaster, and author. He was the first American to win the BJJ Pan American championship at blue, purple, and brown belt. After transitioning to MMA, Eliot fought on The Ultimate Fighter, earned a UFC contract, and fought for 4 more years. Upon retirement, he became the co-owner of Easton Training Center, one of Colorado's leading martial arts schools, with 7 locations across the Denver area. Through his podcast, The Gospel of Fire and his book The Gospel of Fire, he leads people through a deeper understanding of themselves and that through the fire comes rebirth. 


You can follow and support Eliot at:  

Book: The Gospel of Fire

IG: @firemarshall205



Let's connect over on Instagram: @Johnny.Elsasser