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The Art of Masculinity

May 27, 2021

On this episode, we talked about:

How to start behaving like a man, making progress in life, living my purpose, the 7 habits of highly effective people, letting down my ego, }masking my pain, accepting the men in my life again,
allowing answers to come, the opportunity to receive, asking for help, understanding your purpose and so much more!


"Fitness it's a great testimony on how we treat and take care of ourselves"


"The way you treat people is the way that you want to be treated"

"Why do I need to cry? Why do I feel so angry? Because my inner child was holding to all my feelings"


About James:

James Quigley is a business coach and mentor based out of Austin, TX. Originally from Brooklyn, NY, He spent 17 years in the fitness industry working in various roles and leadership positions in NYC. James led and managed at the highest of levels in the corporate fitness world. 

At the age of 16, at the height of his athletic career, between his parents divorce and losing his best friend to a drug overdose. It sent him into a spiral of depression and giving up on his dreams of being a collegiate athlete. 

After a few years later of dealing with his depression and anxiety (20) he no longer recognized himself. He decided he wanted to honor the memory of his best friend. At the advice of a mentor, he joined a local gym. After a few months of learning how to take care of himself again, James found his passion for fitness and self-improvement. 

James would go onto help open gyms and host high-level fitness events in other countries such as Kuwait, Dubai and Germany to name a few. After spending many years in the service side of fitness, James felt it was time to move behind the scenes to help and teach others how to lead. 

James is extremely passionate about growth and personal development. After experiencing the ups and downs as an entrepreneur, James realized there was still much to learn. 

He continues to invest in his own development therefore setting the example that growth is a never ending journey. 

He founded AMPLIFY on the principle of helping to make business simple. 

He loves the outdoors and lives an active lifestyle that allows him to be at his very best as an entrepreneur and human. Whether it's hiking trails with his dog, stand-up paddleboarding down the lake, learning Brazilian, jiu-jitsu or just working out with friends. 

James believes through the struggles are the opportunities to find out who you truly are. 

He manages his business and life with three key values. 

Constant Growth

Intentional Connection

Selfless Contribution. 


You can follow and support James at:  


IG: @jamespquigley


Let's connect over on Instagram: @Johnny.Elsasser