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The Art of Masculinity

Jul 29, 2021

On this episode, we talked about:

Learning through failures, learning new things every day, concept of overcoming failure, men place a lot of importance on perfection, not willing to risk and sacrifice, getting outside of your comfort zone, needing of being in control and unhappy, setting up for greatness, convince yourself you can do it, losing trust and identity, our perspective creates our reality, learning from my lessons, overcoming each failure that you have, life is an endless battle, doing the same thing expecting a different result, analyzing the failures and enjoy successes and so much more!

"People appreciated my work in the world of marketing working, why would I want to compete against the people that were paying my checks?"

"If you're not willing to fail, that's actually the closest definition to not being a man because you never know who you're saving"

"Just because you're comfortable it doesn't mean you're happy; if you're happy, everyone around you is happy too"


About Anthony:

Anthony Russo is Ft. Worth-based motivational speaker, emcee, and change maker. He has founded a successful 7 figure business but decided over the last few years to use his voice for something bigger and lasting impact. He is the founder of #bethechange and speaks on positivity, taking action, and truth in media and politics. His motivational work and coaching speaks on the power of failure and having a strong mindset to overcome and succeed. He has previously emceed and hosted events all over the country for sports, music, and charitable events that have included 10’s of thousands of event-goers. He brings an energy of positivity, humor, humility, and real talk.

You can follow and support Anthony at:
IG: @anthonymichaelrusso


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