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The Art of Masculinity

Aug 26, 2021

On this episode, we talked about:

Art is an expression, cultivating oneself as a man, feeling our masculine nature, building my masculinity potential, holding space for each other, supporting yourself and others, inviting in the feminine, embracing what masculinity means, knowing how to be vulnerable, making the world a better place and so much more!


"I could fill my manhood in every level, it means that I'm spiritually a man and I'm fulfilling my destiny"

"Being able to balance the masculine and feminine that lies within all of us"

" I know what it means to be a man, a father and to be masculine, and that's how I will develop without any reservations"


The Savage man is one who doesn't have limitations or restrictions. He lives in the present moment and keeps himself mindful of his surroundings. There is no one to impress other than himself and his life is his own. Many of us lost this man years ago when society took him from us. When limitations and expectations stifled our independence and authenticity. We forgot where we placed him. 

We let that dilute our impact and existence in this world. We forgot that the shell of who we are now is not serving us and is only a detriment to those we love in our lives. We have to take this awareness and tell ourselves no longer will we stand by as idle watchers of our lives passing us by. It's time to rise and bring the Savage back! 

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