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The Art of Masculinity

Mar 24, 2022

On this episode, we talked about:

Religion and what it means
Showing up authentically all the time
Coming from a place of non-judgment
Do you have faith in your life?
You have to get honest
Getting clear on how you show up inside first
Stop making things about you
There is always competition in masculinity
You can never be perfect
Re-designing how we show up 
You don't need recognition
Who am I really committed to?
Having support on the masculine
Knowing how to pivot
Learning to speak from the truth
Knowing what your demons are
We forget how unique we are


"The life that many people live, it's not for all, there's no judgment here, so whatever you're doing, keep doing it"


"Show up authentically and from a hard place all the time, even when people said that you're wrong"


"Who am I from a spiritual level, who am I in a spirit, who am I living for?"


About Jerold:

A former NCAA D1 Wrestler, Appalachian Trail Thru-hiker, 3X Ironman, World Traveler, and Faith-Based teacher.  

Prior to my transformation, I spent over a decade working in the nightlife and entertainment industry with some of the largest venues and most influential CEOs.  From NYC, LA, and Las Vegas, I’ve taken part in Coachella, The Grammys, Life is Beautiful, The Oscars, The Emmys, Victoria Secrets, All-Star Weekend, and the Super Bowl.  

After a successful run in entertainment, I decided to hang up his party boots and test my business skills in the fast-paced and rapidly expanding digital advertising industry.  I quickly developed relationships with brands such as Uber, Walmart, Netflix, Apple, Spotify, NIKE, HBO, Showtime, Proactive, and Peloton in less than two years. I quickly became a digital maven in the Adtech space, recording multi-million dollar revenues.

What appeared as having the world at his fingertips, I decided to give it all up and head out on a Hero’s Journey, spending over six months traveling the world.  I studied Yoga in Bali under the tutelage of master Yogi Carlos Romero, Vipassana meditation at Dharma Soto in India, and Plant medicines of the Amazon with sacred Shipbo Shamans.  

Upon entering back into life in the states, I continued my studies and completed training for emotional intelligence and leadership. It wasn’t until Nov 2021 that I had my greatest awaking when I spoke directly to the lord and gave my life to him. After I was saved, I was able to see that the missing element to living a life of total harmony was to be rooted in faith, and trust in the Lord. I have since decided to take the teachings that have greatly shifted my life and share them with men who are willing to learn.
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IG: @justjerold


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