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The Art of Masculinity

Apr 14, 2022

In this episode, we talked about:

Influencing people around you with a positive attitude
Feeling out of alignment
Opening up the neuro-path way
Healing your body naturally
You are your own hero through this journey
Letting go of the victim story
Emotions are energy in motion
Using self-healing practices
Letting myself feel
Being able to express your emotions
Releasing generational wounds
Gaining awareness of who you are
Giving our power away
You have to name your emotion first
Releasing our inner blocks

Pain is energy and energy is information that shows us something about our body

Instead of always trying to feel good, I allowed myself to feel more 

It's easier to sit with your uncomfortable emotions, name them and see how they show up in your body


About Charles:

Charles Clay is an Inner Peace Coach & Healer Neurokinetic Pain Relief Specialist Founder of Freedom From Pain & The Inner-Peace Process. 

Charles offers the step-by-step Inner-Peace Process for releasing internal blocks, unprocessed emotions and negative subconscious beliefs that keep people stuck. This guided process helps with healing deep-rooted generational wounds so they don’t have to be passed down to our children. 

Charles also offers The Laser Focus Method online training course to conquer procrastination, produce more while consuming less, and share more of your God-given gifts, talents and skills.


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