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The Art of Masculinity

Jun 30, 2022

On this episode, we talked about:

Having a toxic behavior
Not allowing myself to be authentic
Having unhealthy competition
Social conditioning to be man and masculine
Masculinity is not one thing, is a spectrum
What type of men do I want to be
Reframe and re-path everything I knew
It's all about knowing who you are
How I perceive relationships and communication
Letting your emotions be
Emotions drive actions
Creating an infinite loop of meaning
Having an abundant mindset
Having a positive action
Allowing yourself to feel
Sound, breath and movement
Everyone is your teacher if you can be humble enough
Entrepreneurship is a mindset
Passion is all about identity
Using relationships as a mirror


"Whenever anyone tried to bother me or tried to scare me, I would blow myself up to be bigger"


"The moment you make sexuality and emotions feminine, it's going to be very hard for any man to want to even look at it"


"If everything that I knew wasn't the whole truth, what else is not true in life?"


About Tyran:

Tyran Mowbray is a Masculinity, Sexuality and Relationships mentor. He has studied occult cosmology in mystery schools, yoga and tantra in India, Buddhism in Europe, and traveled profusely around the world learning, studying and exploring the inner workings of his own mind and human behavior. He brings all this knowledge and wisdom through his Australian upbringing with light and humor and makes wild spiritual concepts relatable and easy to digest from his younger days as a bricklayer and having to keep things simple. Tyran was also a playboy, Australian football player, miner, locked up, brushes with the law and bikers, and drugs. He has learned not only to understand himself but balance the more adrenaline-filled life with spirituality and connection. 


I’ll see you guys around the corner. 


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