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The Art of Masculinity

Jul 28, 2022

On this episode, we talked about:

Noah's story in the military
Money doesn't make happiness
Finding where you're going in life
Helping people to find their purpose
Family being first in life
Embracing who I am
Wanting to care for our family
Finding the softer side in yourself
Having more anger when I suppress my sadness
There's nothing wrong with having an emotional side
Finding vulnerability to do things
Asking yourself: why not?
Depression and struggles
Being the leader of my family
Being stuck in denial
What else am I interested in right now?
Being open to your soft side

"In leadership and in life, everything starts in the middle and it makes life easier"


"There are things that men innately want to do but we are also designed to be fathers"


"There's nothing wrong with tapping into that softer side because the tough side cannot exist without having a softer side"


About Noah:

Sergeant Noah Galloway, a Birmingham, Alabama native, is the personification of valor and resilience. This Purple Heart awarded, double amputee decided to join the military as a result of the September 11th terror attacks. However, his battles didn’t end in the field when he was forced to adapt to a life with only two limbs after an IED attack during Operation Iraqi Freedom which would take his left leg above the knee and his left arm above the elbow. Noah’s incredible journey to mental and physical wellness is one that he shares in his memoir titled Living with No Excuses; the Remarkable Rebirth of an American Soldier.  Those words, “No Excuses,” became Noah’s mantra, as he rose out of a post-trauma depression via his reinvigorating passion for fitness.

His victories at what one would expect him to see as impossible competition and obstacle races would find Noah gaining a national spotlight. He become the first veteran and amputee to be featured on the cover of Men’s Health magazine earning their “Ultimate Guy” title in 2014 and landing him on the Ellen show.  Noah also became a finalist on the hit ABC show Dancing with the Stars and would win the debut season of FOX’s American Grit.


As a result of the honorable position he gained with a national platform, Noah wanted to give back, so he launched the No Excuses Charitable Fund, which raises money and awareness for organizations that support causes which mean the most to Noah.

Now, as a fitness enthusiast and motivational sought-after public speaker, Noah shares his story to encourage audiences and his fans to embrace the “No Excuses” lifestyle on their way to enhanced mental and physical wellness.

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