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The Art of Masculinity

Aug 4, 2022

On this episode, we talked about:

Having real conversations with people
What should I share with my partner?
Listening underneath the details
The balance between communication and understanding
Having successful strategies for a good life
Sharing information in a healthy way
Stepping mature manhood
Getting a safe experience around brotherhood
The power of brotherhood
Connecting with other men
Being committed to nurturing brotherhood
What does it mean to be a man?
Every man need brotherhood, it's essential
We need to know that we're not alone
Knowing what I am feeling
Capacity to create art with our being


"We´re supposed to have an extended village that supports us through all of the transitions and doubts that we have"


"Having questions we can ask ourselves to evaluate: does it serves to lie?"


"Start to have real conversations and to call another man in real conversations"


About Bryan:

Bryan Reeves is a transformational life and relationship coach.

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