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The Art of Masculinity

Sep 22, 2022

On this episode, we talked about:

Floating through life like a kid
We do the most, you need the least
The thing that hurts the most is your ego
Prepare yourself for chaos
Getting comfortable in the uncomfortable
Finding your strength
Finding your inspiration in the world
It's hard to be honest when you're ashamed of yourself
Feeling unstoppable
You can enjoy being uncomfortable
There's only getting better at suffering
Make changes that you know you can do forever
Increasing your ability to handle more
Creating sustainable change
Life's about trade-offs
You have to be aware of your feelings
Nothing will stop me from accomplishing my goals


"I need impact and change in men's life, I need the message to spread"

"Live your life, try to be as hard as you can to prepare for chaos so that when it comes you're ready for it"


"We all have the seed of greatness, we just have to choose to use it every day in our life"


About Kyle:

Kyle Carnohan is the leader of the Super Human Fathers movement. SHF is a group of fathers that are relentlessly attacking their vision to become the best version of themselves for their wives, children and for the world. Body composition expert. Coach, a Family man married 20 years with 5 kids—Skateboarder, musician, fireman. 


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