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The Art of Masculinity

Dec 15, 2022

On this episode, we talked about:

Accomplishing my goals
Thinking about what you can improve
Psychological abuse from the media
Media conditions us to not use our common sense
Seen deteriorated men as role models
We take for granted our freedom
Everything starts with your community
We are free to live the dream
We need to stop arguing about topics that divide us
Showing love and support to people in need
Sometimes fear is a good thing
Finding the ability to be strong 
Fear is a challenge, and you can conquer it

"You're most creative when you wake up in the morning, if you have tea or water, that's when your creativity flows the most"


"The celebrities aren't speaking for the civilians, the civilians are the ones that have to pay bills and go to work a lot of hours"


"We're all being conditioned to be afraid, to put away our ability to protect and lead, we are almost hiding"


About Rick:

Rick Dejesus is the founder and lead vocalist of Adelitas Way, an independent American hard rock band formed in Las Vegas in 2006. The band's debut single "Invincible", broke them into the mainstream scene after the song made numerous television appearances in commercials and live sporting events. The single “Ready for War (Pray for Peace)” was the theme song for WWE PPV TLC in 2018, and the breakout single “What It Takes” was the theme for the 2019 MTV movie awards. Adelitas Way is featured regularly on the top streaming playlists from Spotify, Amazon, Apple and Pandora due to their loyal fan base making the power of their songs undeniable. Recently, Rick and the band started speaking out to expose the abuses of the entertainment industry.  


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