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The Art of Masculinity

Jul 18, 2019

On this episode:

- Advanced adulting: self-esteem, what do I want to do, being a man.
- What type of dad do I want to be?
- Set the mark on your personality
- You don´t like to lose? Get better
- A lot of man live trough their kids
- You´re your own man in everything (life, raising kids)
- Serving others is not negative or weak, is supportive
- Space of love instead of finding a solution


- We all do the same things, but we are scared to admit it
- If you´re going to show up, be good at what you do
- Being the best man you can be, is being the man you are
- Choosing the man you want to be and how does that define who you are


About Bradley Richardson

Bradley Richardson is a best-selling author, coach, and authority on ADVANCED ADULTING, where he helps grown-ass adults navigate real-life issues. He coaches, creates online courses and content to help men and women successfully navigate the things everyone experiences but nothing prepares you once you hit a certain age or stage of life, both personally, professionally and in your relationships. (Dating... again, Divorce, Relationships, Parenting, Figuring out what you want to be when you grow up... the second time… and more.)

He and his work have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Good Morning America, Entrepreneur Magazine and Rolling Stone. He has published five books in multiple languages. Bradley is a single father of three grown kids, a fifth-generation Texan and spent over a decade as one of the top headhunters or executive recruiters in America, placing and advising CEOs and other senior executives at major companies.

Bradley can be found at and on social media on Instagram and FaceBook at @imbradleyrichardson.


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