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The Art of Masculinity

Sep 26, 2019

On this episode we talk about:
- How we define ourselves: I can become statistic or I can change this channel
- How the things in my past, guide me through the path that I´m walking right now
- How we all control our own destiny
- Which path are you going to choose?
- How the things that impress you, influence you


"Everything I had was mental abuse, and I needed to change that"

"I wasn´t going to be the victim ever, and I was going to help other people that were victims"

"I allowed the people who impressed me, to influence me"


L. Douglas Hogan is a U.S.M.C. veteran with over twenty years in public service. Among these are three years as an anti-tank infantryman, one year as a Marine Corps Marksmanship Instructor, ten years as a part-time police officer, and twenty-one years working in state government doing security work and supervision. He has been married over twenty-five years, has two children, and is faithful to his church, where he resides in southern Illinois.Social Media:
Facebook: honoryouroath
Instagram: ldouglashogan

He has also written 11 books (Oath Takers was a best seller) and one co-author work of fiction (Archie's Heart - 100% of proceeds went to the DAV)He is currently working on a novel for G. Michael Hopf's Tales from the New World. It's titled, "Lockdown."
Additionally, he also has a short story set to release in an anthology, titled "The End."

Let's connect over on Instagram: @Johnny.Elsasser