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The Art of Masculinity

Oct 10, 2019


- You learn something new every time you go out
- Nobody learns the same way, you have to teach from different points of view
- No one wants to set themselves out for failure
- What you do, doesn´t change my strength or weakness, that´s just mine
- Work on your weaknesses as much as you work on your strengths

"When you find what you´re good at, you stick to it"
"You have to humble yourself and ask for help, so you can do your job on time"
"We have a unique experience "toolbox" that we can refer to and get back into to teach"


About Nick Gough:

Nick served nearly eight years in 2nd Ranger Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, with six of those years as a sniper. As a sniper section leader he graduated the US Army Sniper School and Special Operations Target Interdiction course with top honors. Nick has deployed 15 times to Iraq, Afghanistan and other hostile theaters with the 75th Ranger Regiment and as a Global Response Staff (GRS) Operator. He instructs in both the private and military sectors and develops products for a large firearms manufacturer and military solutions company.

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