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The Art of Masculinity

Apr 23, 2020

On this episode:

How souls can connect to other souls, knowing that what's within me is enough to survive, what am I doing with my life?, we cannot plan our pain, how am I going to be a good masculine figure for my children, turning my pain into a purpose for helping people, helping men to heal, how to be the healthiest version of yourself, exploring life, figuring things out and live, knowing that I am loved and free to explore and think, having the courage to experience love in it's purest form, and so much more!

"When you know your purpose in life, you can navigate thru a lot of hard decisions and make it thru"

"I'm going to take my mask off so you can take your mask off, and we can be safe together"

"You're good enough: you're still worthy and deserve to be loved"

About Lucas:

Lucas Mack works with people who are looking for healing, forgiveness, rest, balance, purpose and peace in their lives by reconnecting them to an understanding of the true definition of love and the power it brings, by giving them personal empowerment, a clear vision, purposeful direction and an ability to give back.
Growing up in an abusive home where fear and confusion ruled his life, he's been able to break the cycle and find true healing. He learned that love gives truth permission to come forth resulting in personal freedom, and the reason we aren't free is because we don't know what true love is.
He leads people to experience change in themselves in order for them to impact the world, through spiritual reconnection, personal healing, and legacy building.
You are invited on a vulnerable journey to experience the fullness of love. The world is waiting for you to be free. Your family is waiting for you to be free. And, most importantly, you are waiting for you to be free.

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