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The Art of Masculinity

Apr 30, 2020

On this episode:

Some people fear being a gentleman, being a gentleman is a thing that should be celebrated, I would never taught that paying for a meal or opening the door for my partner, was a disrespectful thing, the men that are also gentlemen are polite to everyone, what is the thing that you're fighting with to say that gentlemen are no good?, you have to own what you're doing, be confident in yourself and don't let anyone make you feel bad, that you don't have to please everybody, you only have to be happy to the man in the mirror, how you're showing a positive form of a man and so much more!

"The real men are also gentlemen, and they're confused on what they're supposed to be doing"

"The issues that you have right now, are the reflection of your internal issues"

"You have to be the man that makes you happy, it doesn't matter what people talk about you"

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