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The Art of Masculinity

May 14, 2020

On this episode: 

How evolution is a natural product, most men are not okay with women making more money, society makes us believe that the man brings the money, starting to be unapologetically supportive to her and her mission, be respectful on her making more money, embrace, be present and enjoy the gift, insecurity of not feeling like a man, truly believe in yourself and what you're talking about, how resentment brings more troubles, how to start a cycling journal, leave the space to talk and be constructive, and so much more!

"The biggest question that needs to be asked by the man is: why do you feel insecure?"

"If you start to support her, you're going to start to change that narrative that you are not a man in your mind"

"Make sure that you talk about and have conversations with your wife, about how you're feeling"

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