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The Art of Masculinity

Oct 13, 2022

On this episode, we talked about:

From the macro, people are waking up
Nobody ever comes together
Voting is what they tell you to do
Men have been emasculated
A woman is the creative force
Divine feminine and divine masculine
The family is more stable
Divorce didn't happen when we had nuclear families
Trans people can not procreate
Creation is divinity
Creating human beings to procreate
We're here to evolve and grow our soul
How do you evolve if you don't deal with contrast?
There's always a story behind a story
Accepting you made a mistake
Taking ownership of everything
The more I learn, the less I know
All we are is light
Letting go of anger from a past life
Forgiving for you, not for others
Coming from the higher self

"A lot of people that are "waking up", are also conditioned to believe things that you know it´s not true"


"If I'm voting and it's fixed, how am I adding to the change? How am I actually exercising my "constitutional right"?"


"You can see equal but opposite energies, and that's what masculine and feminine are"


About Jay:

Jay Campbell is a 4x international best-selling author, men’s physique champion, founder of the Jay Campbell Brand and Podcast and co-founder of Aseir Custom.


As a global influencer on health optimization and raising human consciousness, Jay is NO-nonsense, authentic, and FEARLESS in his servant mission of leading humanity toward the Golden Age.


Since returning from 12 days in The Sacred Valley of Peru, he's experienced a profound awareness of the importance of #RaisingTheVibration of humanity to reach planetary consciousness aka unconditional love.


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