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The Art of Masculinity

Nov 28, 2019

On this episode we talked about:
- How masculinity is evolving
- How we have to stand up for others and not letting them pick on you
- Why we have to respect what other people say and try to understand what they think
- How you don´t have to take all personally and just move on

"It´s not right for men to act like...

Nov 21, 2019

On this episode we talked about:

- The disease of addiction
- Nobody caused this problem but me, and I have to take action
- I didn´t stand for anything, so I'll stand for everything
- No matter how bad I am at a certain point in my life, I'll always learn something
- Who I think I am and what my life supposed to be...

Nov 14, 2019

- Guys hide this stuff because they´re scared to talk about it
- It can also be healthy if you agree with your significant other
- Porn becomes negative when you make it a secret or do it in anger with your significant other
- Men are holding porn in their back pocket and make it a secret, instead of talk with their...

Nov 7, 2019

 On this episode we talked about:
- How if you are negative, what you're going to return is more negativity
- How a lot of men are not good at accepting compliments
- Are you in alignment with the words that go out from your mouth?
- How we were thought to constantly be humble and push away any positivity
- How people...