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The Art of Masculinity

Apr 28, 2022

On this episode, we talked about:

No education around porn
Hiding is the beginning of the addiction
Learning about the mand and re-mapping
Emotional addiction to shame and guilt
The feeling of shame and unworthiness
Acceptance, understanding and forgiveness
Stepping into acceptance
Pride is the biggest limitation of...

Apr 27, 2022

In this episode we talked about: 

New features at the wild men experience, the time I realized I had a mother wound, aspecting, who my Mom is, healing and supporting your mother, the importance of breaking the cycle, 

I realized I actually had a deep mother wound and I didn't know what it was and I never really needed...

Apr 22, 2022

On this episode, we talked about:

Being part and present at the moment
Being in a physical space of growth
Looking at the way you make changes in life
How to implement changes in your life
Practicing your resources
Identifying where your strongest level of change is
Everybody changes differently
Understanding how to...

Apr 14, 2022

In this episode, we talked about:

Influencing people around you with a positive attitude
Feeling out of alignment
Opening up the neuro-path way
Healing your body naturally
You are your own hero through this journey
Letting go of the victim story
Emotions are energy in motion
Using self-healing practices
Letting myself...

Apr 5, 2022

In this episode we talked about: Small changes can change all the outcomes, changing your response to certain situations, connecting with your higher self, forgiving yourself for your decisions, lean towards the safer side, becoming more successful in life, making more positive decisions, you have the ability to change,...