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The Art of Masculinity

Jan 21, 2023

On this episode, we talked about:

Mac story about his gender journey
Different forms of masculinity
The champion is the one that keeps showing up
Following my path and being my authentic self
We're thought we shouldn't ask for help
We can choose what serves us well
Allowing man to open up
You can't do the same thing every time
Having the ability to be adaptable
Reframing our thinking around vulnerability
Embracing vulnerability in every way
Understanding our emotions better
Men can be very nurturing
Getting people to look at what fits them
Having a more inclusive masculinity
Being secure in who you are
Learning how to use our strength and power

"If somebody is good at something, they're good at something, you don't need to put a qualifier"


"If you want to change something, you can't do it from the outside, you have to get in there and get involved, to help create change"


"Emotional intelligence isn't something that has evolved as quickly as we do"



About Mac:

Mac is a radio show host of "The You Can Make A Difference Show" on Rainier Avenue Radio and in 2017 Mac ran for Seattle City Council and was the first transgender person ever to be on a ballot in Washington State. The Mayor appointed Mac as a Seattle City Commissioner in 2011 and he served until 2016. He currently serves on the Seattle Renter's Commission appointed by the City Council. Mac is on the Washington state council for PFLAG and on the Seattle Police Department LGBT advisory board. . He continuously speaks on panels and solo at numerous colleges, non-profit groups and state and city governments on gender & sexuality. Mac worked on a small team to help Seattle Police Department develop policy and training around dealing with the transgender community and has given transgender training to the US Boarder Patrol. Mac teaches community Self-Defense to empower all people on a donation basis so that all have access. 


Mac's experience prior to transition was that of a successful female athlete and business owner. This experience led him to be a champion for women's rights, closing the pay gap and equal opportunity for women and folks that are gender variant. He was a former US karate team member, champion martial arts competitor, coach and teacher. He has extensive training in conflict resolution and arbitration through being a certified coach and referee through the AAU and U.S. Olympic committee. 

Mac has been a keynote speaker at many events including the University of Washington, Mayo Clinic, numerous colleges, corporate events, organizations and conferences . He is the co-founder and Executive Director of Positive Masculinity, a non-profit that educates about dismantling toxic masculinity and creating a model of healthy masculinity. Mac has appeared on Ripley’s Believe it or Not, The Learning Channel, The Discovery Channel, the 700 Club, on UniVision and been featured in People Magazine and many more. 

Mac currently educates and trains corporations and large groups on diversity and sensitivity. He is a dedicated, heartfelt activist and educator who focuses every part of his existence on creating a world where people can feel free to be true to themselves. He lives with his wife Dawn, their pup Obi Wan and their four chickens. He is a proud step-father, uncle and Papa to his two grandkids.


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