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The Art of Masculinity

Feb 8, 2023

On this episode, we talked about:

Different types of traumas
Having meaning attached to our minds
Having  the feeling, not the cognitive memory
Being able to wipe off the meaning
Washing away the guilt and shame
Not going back through pain
You don't have to stay in pain
Saying nice things to yourself
How much energy are we putting into trying to be kind to ourselves?
Blaming failures on people that we have fail
People often use the word "I"
People feel like they are the enemies
Finding out how the unconscious understand things
Addressing the issues that you have
The responsibility comes with power

"One thing that our minds can do that no other life form can do is store information in a way that it can remain"


"If you're alive before any trauma, you want that battle in life"


"Most treatment for veterans is based on an old model that suggests that the only way out of pain is into pain"



About Jon:

Jon Connelly first founded the Institute for Survivors of Sexual Violence, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization engaged in research and development of cutting-edge treatment for survivors of trauma.  His early career experiences as a child protective service worker and clinical supervisor in a program for traumatized teens helped shape the creation of Rapid Resolution Therapy.  Jon is the author of Life Changing Conversations with Rapid Resolution Therapy, a book demonstrating that a single conversation can dramatically improve one’s life.  He also developed innovative training programs designed to teach Rapid Resolution Therapy to people looking to relieve suffering.  Doctors, dentists, mental health professionals, teachers, coaches, nutritionists, lawyers, caregivers, nurses, business owners and others have become Rapid Resolution Therapy members with the intention to learn and apply the fundamentals of Rapid Resolution Therapy to themselves and their field.  Jon Connelly is licensed as a clinical social worker and holds a doctorate in Clinical Pastoral Counseling. 


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