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The Art of Masculinity

Nov 1, 2018

David Norrie is the founder of Socially Speaking, a platform he created to help preserve the lost art of communication and a place to teach people how to produce faster, more meaningful and more productive connections in life.

He has more than 25 years of experience in all facets of communication, radio, video, newspaper, magazine, social media and sales. His columns on health and relationships were published in one of the seven largest newspapers in the country and he is co-author of the best selling book Faith Into Abundance: 30 Stories of Faith From Successful Christian Entrepreneurs.

As a devoted husband, father and entrepreneur, David believes that true and honest communication is at the root of every successful endeavor, be it business or personal. He saw a need for his Speak Up course when he recognized human beings seemed to be moving farther away from one another than closer together despite the advancement of technology. He sees the social media revolution as both an obstacle and an opportunity for people to be aware of and that is the crux of the course; how does one embrace this new, face paced age of communication yet still hang on to those time tested qualities which create real connections and make individuals GREAT COMMUNICATORS!

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Let's connect over on Instagram: @Johnny.Elsasser