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The Art of Masculinity

Nov 12, 2020

On this episode, we talked about:

LOT: Logical Order of Taught, be willing to evolve, clarity and certainty, Eradicating all resistance, finding your pain point, 
having group training, learning the warning signs, look of fear, 
having more visibility, listening to all the components, make a difference in your community and so much more!

"You have to be willing to change what you´re doing and trade that in for something better"

"There´s such a huge need to help kids, children and men to heal"

"The key is to do the work, and get people to know that we are helping and fighting this"

About Keith:

Keith Waggoner is a coach, author, blogger, speaker, entrepreneur and relationship coach. I help you to forge your story in the epic novels of life. Some people say I'm crazy. Other people say I saved their life. And others that I've made them millions. I serve and lead billionaires and homeless, supermodels and the underprivileged, professional athletes and the emotionally disturbed.

Dr. Keith Waggoner has studied and developed patterns of success for more than 25 years. His custom coaching program will allow you to discover and implement change using the same tools and techniques that have enabled world statesmen, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and famous athletes to radically transform their lives!

Dr. Waggoner believes in excellence, self-empowerment and true happiness that comes from within. Adventure coaching and hypnotherapy are powerful tools used to effectively accelerate inner growth and genuine change. Dr. Waggoner is an expert in behavior dynamics and can facilitate change in any area of your life. Strategic Edge Life Coaching is the culmination of Keith's education, skills, knowledge, and life experience. He truly desires to empower others to find joy and success in life!

You can find and support Keith at:

IG: @keithwaggoner1


Nonprofit: International Justice Mission (you can donate to Operation Rescue Children from the website when you go to give).

Let's connect over on Instagram: @Johnny.Elsasser