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The Art of Masculinity

Jan 21, 2021

On this episode, we talked about:

Building up your story, changing your perspective, forgiveness and healing, empowering yourself, signals of low testosterone, looking at your health holistically, preventing instead of recovering, taking care of your body and soul and so much more!

"If I don't continue on this path, I can always give up and go back to where I was"

"The chiropractic exposes so many weaknesses we might have from a spinal analysis side of things"

"I want to be exceptional, I want to know that I can do everything that I can to prevent any disease from happening in the future"


About Dr. Jacque:

Dr. Jacque got into the field of chiropractic through a near-death experience after being jumped in downtown Pittsburgh. At the hospital, doctors diagnosed him with a Subdural Hematoma, a bruise to the spinal cord, as well as a hypersensitivity reaction causing pins and needle pain to take over the surface of his skin down his arms and hands, back and chest. After he was released from intensive care they told him that the brain damage may get worse. Once he regained his strength he found a chiropractor who was able to adjust the cervical spine to allow for the function of the nerves to regenerate back to normal. After the symptoms went away, Dr. Jacque attended Life University and the symptoms came back.  This is where he discovered corrective care chiropractic and the ability to use chiropractic as a form of healing and not just a form of treating symptoms.  Through his journey, he became obsessed with pushing people to live to their fullest and enjoy their lives without any limitations.  He soon found that Chiropractic wasn’t enough to complete the full picture, and this led him into the world of Functional Medicine. He then immersed himself into his studies and began running intensive testing to optimize health, hormones, gut health and any other thing you can imagine.  He is now a national speaker and works with patients across the country.  Starting from the ground up he grew his practice into over a half-million-dollar practice in a short three years. His results with patients have led him to be a well sought after coach for other chiropractors and doctors who want to learn his way of pursuing Limitless Healing.


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