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The Art of Masculinity

May 13, 2021

On this episode, we talked about:

Healing and processing on your own, flipping my switch, feeling nothing as a man, there's always a lesson to learn, being stuck without knowing it, changing your perspective, acting from a place of service, learning to trust your intuition, becoming better and growing and so much more!

"I'm getting up and I will always be here to ask the questions that my kids have"


"The minute you point fingers and blame others, you give away all your power"


"When you do good, you get beauty and abundance and love back into your life"


About Cary:

Cary is a coach focused on getting clients unstuck and into their greatness.  

He helps people take setbacks in their lives, and use them as springboards into kick-ass comebacks.

Using a perfect combination of mindset, motivation and life experience, Cary supports people with their transformation by uncovering the lessons and gifts in their struggles to unleash their greatness and thrive moving forward.  

A proud Father of 3, Cary is passionate about leading and inspiring others – especially his kids - to always learn, grow and plant kindness into the world.

He walks the walk when it comes to his 2 favorite quotes: “Be the energy you want to attract” and “When you pursue excellence, excellence pursues you”.


You can follow and support Cary at:  


IG: @carykishcoaching


Let's connect over on Instagram: @Johnny.Elsasser