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The Art of Masculinity

Nov 25, 2021

In this episode, we talked about:


Knowing that masculinity and femininity are universal languages, unpacking your masculinity, making femininity thrive, opening your mind to see what you can make for yourself, understanding your true nature, finding the correct men or women, being the greatest man you can be.


"The virtue of masculinity is to make decisions on behalf of those you love"


"The people who have political power are the ones in control of the world"


"The purpose of masculinity and femininity is to make babies"



About Scot:

In 2005 Scot McKay founded X & Y Communications. Nowadays, as host of the popular Mountain Top Podcast, he is one of the most recognized and effective dating coaches for both men and women on the global stage. He is also a frequent contributor to talk radio shows nationwide. Scot travels the world with his wife and fellow dating coach Emily McKay, while worldschooling their two youngest kids and hitting the national BMX racing circuit together. Scot and Emily have been to over 100 countries, and run a travel blog called Wing-It Worldwide.


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Podcast: The Mountain Top Podcast


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