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The Art of Masculinity

Dec 23, 2021

On this episode, we talked about:

Expressing desires and honesty as a men
Leaky sex energy
Being unapologetic with honesty
Coming back to your heart
Skipping the small talk
Being direct on what you desire in the present moment
Sharing what you feel in an honest way
Declaring what you desire
Honoring the no on the conversations
Finding your boundaries with your partner
Respecting instead of only taking
Feeling obligated to have sex
Connecting more deeply while having sex
Honor your own self and boundaries
Consent can be sexy and it's more respectful
Giving her the ability to choose
Healing rejection wounds
It's okay to want what you want
Getting rid of the outcomes
Living from honesty and directness from your heart
Approaching from your heart

"How is my body language, what energy am I holding on to, let me check it with my genital area, is it leading right now? or It's my heart leading?"

"If you open the door between how can I support you instead of can we have sex, you will start to learn how to hear her and support her"

"Remember that no matter how beautiful a woman is she may have some awkwardness insecurities that have to do with men approaching her"


About Taylor:

Taylor Simpson is a former bodybuilder, health and nutrition coach, and money mindset and business building coach. She has grown in her own development of toxic mindsets, severe anger issues, and turning to binge eating for comfort. She has taken her life on a new path and is now helping women find their spiritual connection with their femininity in order to bring life and vitality to their relationships and businesses. She is a highly sought-after keynote speaker and women’s experience creator. She is also my wife and loving partner in this amazing world. This episode is another testament to her journey as a woman who is here to continue to create development platforms that help women tap into their power and build a stronger world through individuality and connection. 


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