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The Art of Masculinity

Apr 28, 2022

On this episode, we talked about:

No education around porn
Hiding is the beginning of the addiction
Learning about the mand and re-mapping
Emotional addiction to shame and guilt
The feeling of shame and unworthiness
Acceptance, understanding and forgiveness
Stepping into acceptance
Pride is the biggest limitation of growth
Being afraid to experience
Taking ownership of your guilt
Taking responsibility for your emotions
Fear creates a wall of transparency
Understanding how to expand your presence and power
Being as authentic as you can

"What you hide from others, is what you're technically hiding to yourself as you project outside this image of who you want to be"


"Acceptance is the beginning of healing, you cannot heal anything that you don't accept that is true"


"Guilt and shame are not bad emotions, they are powerful emotions, if you make a mistake, feel guilty, that's what it's there for"


About Zach:

Zack Blakeney is a peak performance and freedom coach who helps men transform porn addiction into peace, purpose, and prosperity. His Red Pill Method© blends science-based methodology, emotional intelligence with consciousness truth that rapidly shifts limiting beliefs, alchemizes shame and guilt into love and gratitude, and creates lasting healing of addiction. 


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