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The Art of Masculinity

Dec 19, 2019

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On this episode we talked about:
(14:49) Struggling with you daily job
(17:00) Helping people to find their wanted life
(21:32) No matter what happens, create changes
(24:32) Vision boards and journaling
(25:40) Writing a script of your consciousness
(28:06) How to brain dump
(35:45) What´s the next connection going to be like?
(37:15) You can´t control everything
(41:52) Leting it happen the way it´s gonna happen
(43:35) Creating balance in your life
(47:04) Everything is whatever we think it is
(48:30) Leading with your heart, not your head
(50:49) Not knowing what´s gonna happen

"Start to work out all the details of your vision"

"Start dumping all the bad thoughts in your head"

"Journal to get out all the bad things you have inside"

"Things you do right now, affect you later in life"


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