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The Art of Masculinity

Feb 6, 2020

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On this episode we talked about:
The necessary tools for men
Men can go to other men for support
Women are getting more empowered
People are motivated by inspiration or desperation
Life isn´t the way that I thought that it would be
We want the maximum result for the least amount of effort
We´re trained to be mediocre communicators in society
Women have connections to their emotions better than men
No one did this to me, this is me
I want to understand this part of myself
I want more and I want to be bigger
A lot of things can be beneficial if you open up yourself
How to talk and communicate with women
We live in the most informational time
Self-love and self-esteem are highly attractive for women
We live in a society of scarcity
We actually live in a world of abundance
Admit to yourself: I want something different

"You have to make things accessible and pragmatic so people can understand"

"When the pain of change is less than the pain of staying the same, then we change"

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