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The Art of Masculinity

Mar 5, 2020

In this episode we talked about:

Healing ourselves from the root problem, not only the symptoms
The human body as a complex biological computer
Sleep and hormones
How PTSD is more mainstream now and more easily to talk about
Talking about your difficulties
What are you putting into your body?
The information is out there
Recognizing changes in your body
How the lack of structure crashes people
Women are more creative in a lot of ways
Paying attention to your inner dialogue
Reinforcing what is true and what you know it´s true
If you don´t have goals, you go wherever life takes you


"Talking about your disease is only one part for recovery"

"There´s a lot you need to learn, to get where you want to be"


About Lance:

Lance's journey began when he enlisted in the Army in December 2002. During his time in the military, he was deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. He ended his contract in April 2009 and moved back into the civilian world. While going to school, a colleague of his told him to get his military disability re-assessed. A few months later Lance met with a VA psychologist and was diagnosed with PTSD.
Roughly a year later, Lance decided to seek treatment through the VA. He regularly saw a counselor and was not getting the results he wanted. On top of other symptoms, he had constant low-grade headaches and wasn't sleeping well. The doctor told him “that's normal” and prescribed him medication. As a doctor, Lance, who effectively treats headaches on a daily basis, was frustrated because he was not able to make any change in himself.
At this point, he decided that the VA and the normal medical model wasn't going to work for him. After doing much reading and research, he found his way to Dr. Mark Gordon and the Millennium-WAF TBI Project. They started treating his PTSD as a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury). Treatment cleared Lance's mind and gave him a vision of how he wanted to help others.
Lance took a deep dive into personal work. He found out that the stories we tell ourselves affect how we see the world around us. The work that Lance did on himself inspired him to coach others to make similar changes in their lives. All the tools that he uses have been put to the test.

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