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The Art of Masculinity

Jan 25, 2022

On this episode, we talked about:

Guiding and supporting other men
Being authentic on who you are
Processing your shadows 
How we handle our lives 
Releasing negativity and allowing light to show up
Stepping on into manhood
Changing how you show up today
We have to do the deep work

"If we want to really impact this...

Jan 20, 2022

On this episode, we talked about:

Being deeply embodied in my being
Living in love and appreciation of everything
Healing from past wounds
Journey of spirit guidance
Magic only enters in the spaces it has room
Surrendering into the unknown without planning
Overcoming our fear
The antidote to fear is trust

Jan 18, 2022

On this episode, we talked about:

Acknowledging our emotions
Stuck on negative emotions
Wounds have to be healed
Finding what triggers the emotions
Asking the right questions to ourselves
Creating a life outside of negative emotions

"If we allow the emotions to drive the moment or situation, what we're doing is not...

Jan 13, 2022

On this episode, we talked about:

Looking at emotions and how to deal with them
Acknowledging emotions instead of hiding them
Externalizing blame on others
What's underneath the anger?
Overfocusing on negative thoughts
Interrupting the anger cycle
Universal anger triggers
Understanding that we are imperfect
Rising in...

Jan 11, 2022

On this episode, we talked about:

Visualizing what you want in 2022
Separate yourself from your emotions
How to support other persons
Taking inventory of who we are
The power of manifesting is interminable
Getting the opportunity to explore
Being in the moments of growth


"The power of the mind is astronomical, it's...